• Help the student to consolidate past experiences and knowledge; 
  • Introduce the student to new media and techniques and their use for creative expression and
  • for making objects of common use;
  • Provide opportunities for the development of awareness about folk arts, local specific arts and other cultural components leading to an awareness and appreciation of national heritage;
  • Help the student to use artistic and aesthetic sensibility in day-to-day life situation;
  • Help the student to achieve a balanced growth as a social being in tune with our culture
  • through projects on natural and cultural heritage etc;
  • Get acquainted with the life and work of the local artists/artistes;
  • Develop creative expression through locally available material with the help of the community;
  • Refine the sense of appreciation of the beauty of nature and the basic elements of art forms;


Vocal (Carnatic), Keyboard, Violin andTabla