rea of land alloted(in acres) 25 Acres
Whether land transferred in the Name of Samiti Yes
Vidyalaya shifted to permanent buildings on 1st June, 2009

Status of Boundary Wall

Brick Wall

Barbed wire fencing




Permanent buildings constructed CPWD Pattern
School building Completed

Boys 4 Nos.

with Warden Residence 4 Nos.


Girls 4 Nos.

with Warden Residence 4 Nos.

Kitchen/dining Hall

No.of shifts required for all

students to take food

Completed, Single Shift
Principal Residence Completed in CPWD pattern
Staff Quarters

Type III= 16 Nos. Completed

Type II= 6 Nos. Completed

Type I= 6Nos. Completed

SP Sheds converted into Staff Qrs.: NIL

M.P.Hall Not available
Workshop Not available

Type of O.H.Tank

Its capacity

Present status


Ground Level Tank

Its capacity

Present status


1 lakh

D.G.Set Available 25KVA
Sewage pump Not Available
Water pump 20 hp & 10 hp(2 Nos.) capacity


Electric connection

HT Connection

Sub Station building

Street lighting

Numbers of hrs.during day

when power supply is available

on an average




11 Hrs


400 metre track

40*30 metre basket ball court

40*30 metre volley ball court

Not available

Not available

Not available

Water supply

Open Wells

Connection from PHED

Potable, 2 Nos.-working


Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van Completed
Fire fighting arrangment Completed

Last date of cleaning of

(a)Septic tank

(b)Water tank



Whether area around

transformer is fenced


Whether open wells,if any,are

covered from top


Works taken up under M&R

fund during current year and

Last year:


Year Name of work



Not Applicable

Details of Vehicle provided to Vidyalaya
Whether Vehicle Provided
Hired on Contract Basis